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The earth is a living being, just like a human being. In addition to a physical body, it also has an energetic body and consciousness. Just like humans with their chakras, meridians and acupuncture points, the energy of the earth also flows through energy channels and energy points.

The energy points of the earth have a strong effect and connect you with a universal knowledge. These places are healing and give you support and strength. Here you can more easily receive insights and answers to life’s questions.
Because of the powerful energy and the powerful effect this has on us, we call these energy points of the earth: power places. They are als known as sacred places or vortex. These places are often connected with energy lines or ley lines.

Our ancestors intuitively sensed how special these places on earth were and built their shrines here. Over time, these were renewed and adapted to the prevailing fashion and religious beliefs. In the course of time, megalithic monuments, temples, and then churches and monasteries were built in these places.

Now that more and more people are engaged in the development of consciousness and are listening more to their own knowledge and intuition, the original quality of power places is being rediscovered by many.

I myself have experienced its value and this has inspired me to document all known power places on this site with the aim of inspiring you to experience them yourself.

I wish you nice trips and good luck,

Theo Buijsrogge

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On this website you will find information about power places and energy lines in Europe. Most of it is written in Dutch. You can easily read it in your own language by choosing the language in the top menu of the site.

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